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100 % Premium Cotton Potty Training Pants and Underwear

100 % Premium Cotton Potty Training Pants and Underwear

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Size Chart

Size S

Baby 3kg-9kg (6.6Ibs - 20Ibs)

Size M

Baby 8kg-12kg (17.6Ibs - 26.4lbs)

Size L

Baby 9kg-18kg (20Ibs - 38Ibs)


1. With leak protection, the reusable diapers are made of 100% cotton. They are breathable and soft.

2. The reusable diapers with 6 layers have strong urine absorption which helps to avoid leakage. If your baby takes a nap and has a small amount of urine, it won't leak.

3. The diapers can use alone, If a baby urine is a lot, you can use with inserts together, put thin inserts over inside, but the diapers can not fix inserts.

4. Using these reusable and washable diapers helps encourage babies to learn physical cues that it's time to go potty. Once the reusable diaper is wet, need to change it as soon as possible.

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