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LED Floating Jellyfish Lamp Aquarium Bedside Night Light

LED Floating Jellyfish Lamp Aquarium Bedside Night Light

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-Products include:
1 jellyfish lamp
2 Fake Jellyfish
1 USB cable
1 Instruction

Fascinatingly realistic jellyfish with life-like action, mesmerize as these two neon-lit jellyfish swim majestically around your aquarium
The colors can be adjusted randomly and change every time you look at it, bringing new pleasure to the eyes and senses.
Great for kids night lights.
A great gift for anyone who loves marine life or just wants to make an original design statement.
LED jellyfish lights, watch the jellyfish model swim peacefully, and create a beautiful environment.
Perfect for an office or home as the lighting and fish create a calm and peaceful environment.

Product material: ABS + acrylic
Product size: 10.5*10.5*29cm
Color box size: 11.8*11.8*31cm
Power supply mode: 4 "AA" batteries (not included) + USB cable (included)

-Instructions for use
1. 5V for the plug
2. Inject half of the water into the aquarium before use, shake it a few times and pour it out to clean the impurities in the aquarium.
3. Plug in the USB cable, pour in clean water again, the water surface is about one centimeter away from the bottle mouth, and drop 3-6 drops of dishwashing liquid into the water.
4. After leveling the tentacles of the jellyfish, put it into the water and cover it. Just turn on the switch.
Note: For the first use, a large number of air bubbles will adhere to the surface of the jellyfish, which may cause the jellyfish to float poorly. After placing it for a period of time, it will swim normally after the bubbles disappear, or you can manually remove the air bubbles on the surface of the jellyfish.

 ***NoticeThe product you receive has no liquid. You need to add the liquid yourself before using it.


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