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Rosemary Ginger Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

Rosemary Ginger Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

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Introducing our luxurious Rosemary Ginger Coconut Oil for Hair Growth, perfect for both men and women. Infused with the finest ingredients, this exclusive formula will nourish and promote strong, healthy hair. Experience the art of beautiful hair with our premium product.

  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • NET WT: 50ml
  • Item Type: Hair Growth Product
  • Ingredient: Rosemary, Ginger, Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Shelf life: 3 years

Rooted in Hair Loss Prevention, Scientific Hair Growth

Three main Pure Natural Plant Oil hair growth ingredients:

3K Rosemary, Ginger, 20%+Coconut Oil

Three-in-One Hair Density

Prevents hair loss + promotes hair growth + thickens hair strands

Professionally Solve Various Hair Loss Problems

Receding Hairline

Thinning Hair

Wide Hair Parting

Male Pattern Baldness (M-Type Hair Loss)

Alopecia Areata (Patchy Hair Loss)

Age-Related Hair Loss

6 Core Functions:

Solving Hair Loss, Hair Growth, Dandruff, and Odor Issues

01 Follicle Activation

Activates dormant/aging follicles, promotes follicle regeneration

02 Hair Strengthening and Anti-Hair Loss

Repairs and strengthens follicles, reduces hair loss

03 Hair Thickening and Growth

Promotes new hair growth, extends the hair maturation period, gradually thickens hair

04 Hair Strand Thickening

Strengthens hair disulfide bonds, thickens hair strands, transforms fine hair into thicker strands, making the hair denser

05 Dandruff Control and Itch Relief

Improves dandruff and scalp itch problems

06 Fragrance and Odor Elimination

Natural Rosemary fragrance, healing scent, relaxes body and mind, removes scalp and hair odors

3K Rosemary + Ginger

Effectively prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth, and eliminates dandruff.

7days witness a reduction in dandruff.

14days witness hair loss prevention and hair growth.

28days witness a temporary increase in hair density.

32weeks witness advanced hair density and thickening of hair strands.

Gentle Formula for Safe Use

Pure Natural Plant Oils

No drugs included

No hormones included

Carefully Selected Ingredients for Faster Hair Loss Prevention and Hair Growth

3K Rosemary

Prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth


Activates hair follicles and increases hair volume

20%+ Coconut Oil

Nourishes the scalp, conditions the hair strands, and thickens hair

20% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nourishes the scalp, combats scalp aging, and improves hair loss caused by aging

Usage Instructions

Step 1: Take an appropriate amount of the product and rub it between your fingertips.

Step 2: Divide the scalp into five areas: front, back, left, right, and crown. Massage the scalp in a combing and pressing motion using your fingertips.

(Note: Use about 3 drops for each scalp area. Recommended massage frequency: 3-5 times for each area.)

Step 3: If there is excess oil on your hands, you can apply it to the hair strands to strengthen and smoothen them.


1. Why is there no immediate effect in the short term?

Every individual has different scalp conditions, hair texture, and hair growth cycles, and the causes of hair loss also vary. Therefore, the time it takes to see results may vary. Along with using this product, it is recommended to maintain a healthy diet, good sleep habits, and overall well-being to achieve optimal results. Consistent use will yield surprising effects.

2. Can it be used for all hair types?

This product is suitable for all scalp and hair types.

3. Will it make the hair greasy after use?

Typically, when used according to the instructions, it should not make the hair greasy. However, if you have an oily scalp, you may need to adjust the amount used accordingly.

4. Why does the product color vary?

This product is a blend of pure plant oils infused with real rosemary plants. Over time, the essential components for hair loss prevention and hair growth from the rosemary plants are extracted, enhancing the effectiveness of the product. The color variation is a natural occurrence and not a sign of product deterioration. You can use it with confidence.

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